Company Description

Volexion - Drop-in conformal pristine graphene coating, protecting Lithium battery cathode materials and driving game-changing improvements (5-10x power performance, 2x cycle life, voltage range extension, low temperature performance and safety enhancement). Volexion further enables high-energy cathode materials, increasing energy density 35% and reducing cost 30%, while only adding 1-2% to cell costs. Developed at Northwestern University by MacArthur fellow Pr. Mark Hersam, scaled-up at Argonne National Lab, Volexion received DoE’s Ten@Ten award in 2019 and is experiencing strong industry interest and traction from major battery players

Contact Person

"Damien is the Chief Executive Officer of Volexion, Inc. In his role, Damien is responsible for driving the business development, commercial, and strategic planning activities of the company. Damien has 15+ years of leadership experience in the Materials, Energy and Industrial sectors with expertise in Management Consulting (McKinsey), Technology Commercialization & Venture Capital (Energy Foundry), and Chemical Operations & Capital projects (Total).
Damien received his MBA from INSEAD, his MS of Chemical Engineering from IFP School and his MS in Chemistry from Chimie ParisTech."