Company Description

Veramorph is developing a polymer-based pre-formed tablet as a more effective oral delivery vehicle for poorly soluble small molecule drugs. The technology is covered by two patents and is universally applicable to all poorly soluble small molecules, unlike existing formulation technologies. Our product, disintegrating cross-linked polymer (DXP) tablets, can accelerate clinical translation and improve the efficacy of drugs through its integrated design. Veramorph provides product development and clinical manufacturing services and licensing opportunities to pharmaceutical companies.

Contact Person

Doug Godfrin    

Doug Godfrin, PhD is the President of VeraMorph, which he founded in 2017 after completing a post-doc at MIT where he co-invented the platform technology being commercialized at VeraMorph. Doug has spent the last four years bootstrapping efforts to improve VeraMorph's DPOD platform via non-dilutive funding. Doug has a passion for functional materials, especially complex soft matter systems, and their application to impactful social challenges. He has a BS and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Virginia end the University of Delaware, respectively.