Company Description

"The best efforts to make eco-friendly laundry detergents (e.g. Seventh Generation) don’t always function well and only represent about 3% of the market. The best efforts to make eco-friendly versions of existing brands (e.g. Tide PurClean) are being banned due to carcinogenic contaminants. As consumer demand is grows, there is currently no safe and environmentally friendly solution that also provides premium performance, and function in hard water conditions is a major factor that limits performance.
Our new plant-based cleaning ingredient, called the Eosix Surfactant, is 500x more stable in hard water conditions, which eliminates the need for additives, making it easier and cheaper for cleaning product brands to formulate high-performance, eco-friendly cleaning products.
We have earned over $6 MM in non-dilutive grants and partnership funds which we used to demonstrate the proof of concept technology laundry detergent applications. Additionally, we have developed a patented and scalable production process through funding from the Department of Energy SBIR program and the AIChE RAPID manufacturing institute.
We have exclusively licensed two University of Minnesota international patents (composition & methods). Our first notice of grant was received in January 2020. We have also filed three additional PCT applications for new compositions and process improvements to our technology. Early versions of our technology have been published in ACS Central Science, available open access."

Contact Person

Christoph Krumm

"Christoph is co-founder and CEO of Sironix Renewables, where he works to develop greener, safer, and more effective ingredients for cleaning products. He has led the 2016 University of Minnesota spinout company to develop new eco-friendly chemical technologies, to partner with consumer cleaning product companies, and to earn over $6 MM in research grant funding. He also leads business development for Sironix Renewables and has grown the company to develop solutions for cleaning products, agriculture, and personal care products.

He was recently named to the Grist 50 fixers list and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Top 35 Under 35 for innovation. He has over ten years of experience inventing renewable energy technologies and conducting research in bio-renewable products. Christoph earned his PhD from the University of Minnesota and bachelors from the University of Washington, both in chemical engineering. "