Company Description

Kalion used synthetic biology to create a path to high-purity glucaric acid which is catalyzing the adoption of glucaric acid as a platform chemical with a wide range of powerful chemistries include as a phosphate replacement in water treatment, a strengthener in textiles including renewable textile fibers, PVA and PAN as well as historical opportunities such as renewable nylon 6,6 and FDCA.

Contact Person

Darcy Prather

"Mr. Prather serves as CEO of Kalion, Inc. Mr. Prather has spent a couple of decades developing new businesses from emerging technologies.

Mr. Prather started his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co spending significant time studying R&D. He advised major agriculture player on potential impact of various intellectual property strategies for seminal biotech product for a chemical company that continues to drive value even today.

At Kalion he has successfully driven the development of glucaric acid. With an exceptional team, Kalion has developed not only an original production processes for glucaric acid but also developed new markets for the low-cost, high-purity glucaric acid from their green production process.

Mr. Prather received two S.B.’s from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering; and Science, Technology and Society. He received an M.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University which he attended on a Rhodes Scholarship."