Company Description

94% of the largest brands in the United States have publicly facing sustainability goals because they are facing unprecedented demand from consumers for more environmentally friendly products. This is why DisSolves developed an edible, water-soluble packaging that helps food and beverage companies create single-serving versions of their products, so these brands can provide convenient packaging that is made from renewable ingredients and leaves no waste. $18B dollars are spent on flexible food packaging in the United States annually, and by working with DisSolves, food brands can replace non-recyclable, foil packets from their products with a packaging that is safe enough to eat.

DisSolves’ patent-pending packaging is water-soluble, edible, and made with only natural ingredients. With our pods, the end-user simply drops the pod in their container and mixes; the packaging dissolves to release the contents and leaves no waste or flavor. The main ingredient for our packaging is a soluble fiber that is extracted from seaweed, and our proprietary blend of ingredients increases the flexibility and solubility of this fiber, enabling it to be used as packaging. The increased flexibility allows us to form water-soluble pods on existing pod machines, and the increased solubility allows our packaging to dissolve quickly for a better end-user experience. The packaging is also flavorless, making it appropriate for food use, and it will dissolve in both hot and cold water.

Contact Person

Jared Raszewski

Jared Raszewski is the Founder and CEO of DisSolves. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where he majored in chemical engineering and minored in chemistry and economics. During his time at Pitt, he led an independent research project designed to evaluate the functionality of edible, bio-polymers for use in packaging, and this project eventually grew into DisSolves. DisSolves is headquartered in Jared’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jared loves working on DisSolves because their packaging is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic that provides more convenience to consumers and economic benefits to food & beverage companies, and he believes pairing sustainability with additional value is the best way to maximize one’s impact on the environment. Outside of work, Jared enjoys tending to his collection of desert and tropical plants and taking long walks outside while listening to audiobooks (Catch-22 has been his favorite thus far).