Company Description

SusMer, Inc. is an early phase Colorado company, established to profitably commercialize an infinitely recyclable bioplastics technology that was developed in the Center for Sustainable Monomers and Polymers at Colorado State University. SusMer, Inc. has secured a global exclusive license from CSU, to develop, manufacture, sell, sub-license, and globally commercialize this technology. Virgin-quality SusMer, Inc. polymers can be produced from recycled feedstock through low energy, closed-loop chemical recycling. The robust barrier, thermal, and mechanical properties of SusMer’s bioplastic polymers offer competitive performance advantages versus petroleum-based plastics and superior performance advantages to other bio-based plastic polymers. Our fundamental corporate objective is to build a profitable Colorado company to provide new alternatives for infinitely recyclable polymers for packaging and other applications where plastics are an optimal solution.

Contact Person

Jake Larger

Jake Larger joined Dr. Chen and Dr. Gowda right before SusMer received Phase I funding from the DOE in June of 2019. Jake focuses on SusMer's Go-to-market strategy, utilizing their Indirect Costs and consulting engagements to maximize value, and ensures we are utilizing the capital to reduce risks associated with the business's forward-looking success.