Company Description

The company centers on proprietary catalyst technology that produces unprecedented cyclic polymers. The cyclic polymers have superior properties to existing materials. Cyclic polymers are not currently in the marketplace due to their challenging synthesis. We have discovered a catalyst that can produce cyclic polymers on a large scale, with low catalysts loadings, and with high activity, thus making the process commercially viable for the first time. Cyclic versions of existing commodity plastics, such as polyolefins, Norsorex, and flexible semi-conducting polymers are now available. The company has two revenue streams: 1) marketing of the catalysts and catalyst components, and 2) cyclic polymers. The business plan centers on first generating revenue rapidly through the synthesis and marketing of the catalysts. The second revenue stream centers on the midscale (100 g) quantities of various cyclic polymers to market to resin companies to enable integration into their existing technologies or for testing in their facilities. The technology and intellectual property for the catalysts and polymers was developed by Adam S. Veige (CEO) and The University of Florida. The company is in the initial stages of raising funds to hire a technician, source components for the catalysts synthesis, secure intellectual property, and begin marketing the catalyst.

Contact Person

Adam Veige
Professor of Chemistry/Founder

Adam Veige is Founder and CEO of PolyCycle L.L.C. He is currently a University of Florida Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the Center for Catalysis. Dr. Veige obtained his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2003 and was a post-doctoral associate at MIT from 2003-2004. Dr. Veige was treasuser of the Florida Section of the ACS from 2010-2017. Dr. Veige has publksihed over 100 papers and is co-inventor >15 patents. He has won a number of awards, including the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, NSF CAREER Award, and the Dreyfus Foundation New Faculty Award. Dr. Veige has a longstanding outreach program centered on communicating science to the public through his annual Center for Catalysis Chemistry Day at the Mall. His group is focused on research in the general area of transition metal catalysis related to polymer synthesis, metallopolymer synthesis, and small molecule activation.