Company Description

Founded in 2011, Phytoption LLC is a spin-off from Purdue University with the mission to innovate for health. Phytoption’s core competencies are its advanced biomaterials, drug solubilization technology, and formulations based on solubilized niclosamide. In the past several years, Phytoption has accomplished new material development, application development, drug formulation development, and drug excipient testing. Sponsored by NSF SBIR/STTR phase I & II grants in 2014 – 2018, Phytoption worked with Purdue University to create and evaluate OHPP solubilizer for drugs.
Specifically, Phytoption/Purdue team has developed formulations and processing methods to solubilize APIs, one of which is niclosamide. Niclosamide is an old approved drug to treat tapeworms in intestine. It has been found effective on viral diseases including Covid-19, and also shows in vitro efficacy on certain cancers. However, being poorly water soluble, niclosamide can hardly be absorbed to reach consistent and effective plasma levels, thus solubilizing formulation is critical for its use as an effective anti-viral or anti-cancer drug. Our team has proven that OHPP-formulated niclosamide (NIC-OHPP-101) has much greater solubility and bioavailability than any other technology reported. Its bioavailability (proven by in vivo test) is essential for niclosamide to reach a sufficient plasma therapeutic level, thus being effective as an antiviral therapeutic.
Phytoption is currently working to develop NIC-OHPP-101 as a Covid19 therapeutic and broad-spectrum antiviral drug. In the longer term, we also plan to repurpose soluble niclosamide formulation as an anti-cancer drug and using OHPP proprietary excipient as an enabling technology to develop other drugs.

Contact Person

Joanne Zhang
Co founder and CEO

Ms. Joanne Zhang, with both MS and MBA degrees, has over twenty years of industrial experiences. Prior to full time running Phytoption, Ms. Zhang used to be in charge of finances and P&L for a business unit (about $200 million revenue) in one of the top chemical companies. Ms. Zhang also has hands on experience in fundraising, launching new products, marketing, and operations. She is an entrepreneur with both intense business and technical background.