Company Description

MITO Material Solutions manufactures polymer additives to enable composite manufacturers to create tougher, lighter, and more durable products. Our platform technology creates hybrid additives from POSS and Graphene-Oxide and other functional polymers. The products have chemical and physical bonding points promoting adhesion, strength, and tensile properties in a variety of materials, including fiber-reinforced thermosets and thermoplastics. MITO is working directly with OEMS spanning multiple industries to integrate this additive into coatings, foams, composites, and plastic applications to solve problems related to impact resistance and flexural toughness, as well as provide new solutions for light-weighting initiatives and recyclability of materials. MITO Materials strives to empower the next material evolution by enhancing polymeric materials through sustainably focused innovation in collaboration with our customers.

Contact Person

Haley Marie Keith

Haley Marie Keith is the CEO and co-founder of MITO Material Solutions. MITO Materials is the only U.S. company focused solely on developing and supplying functional hybrid additives with novel ingredients like graphene oxide. MITO E-GO™, is a graphene-based additive that delivers multi-functional improvements in composite materials. E-GO™ enables OEMs to drastically boost their product’s performance, making polymers the go-to choice in materials as the world transitions to a more sustainable, lightweight future. Haley has been recognized in the 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 list and as a Rising 30 in Manufacturing and industry and was recently nominated by ANSI and the TC/ISO 229 committee as a US expert in nanotechnogy. Under her leadership, MITO has raised over $3 million dollars in grant and investor funding and recently launched its flagship product into the marketplace.