Company Description

Revolutionary Materials for Evolutionary Solutions. COnovate is commercializing a remarkable, fundamentally distinct product called COPHITETM materials. This material, discovered at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, contains the world’s first solid form carbon monoxide at room temperature. The unique materials enable development of novel, lighter, and safer anode solutions that will charge lithium-ion batteries (LIB) faster and contribute to greater battery energy and power densities. COnovate's current lab demonstrations utilize proven manufacturing techniques that should be scalable and cost-effective enabling accelerated commercial introduction in 2023. The COPHITE material is the basis for attracting over $1M in SBIR funding from America's Seed Fund, and funding from Brightstar. Today, we produce the material in a form that will enable seamless adoption by battery manufacturers as an alternative to graphite, the current material of choice for LIB anodes. We intend to lever these advantages to provide COPHITE material to battery makers to enable them to deliver markedly improved lithium-ion batteries for power tools, consumer electronics and ultimately electric vehicles.

Longer term, leveraging COPHITE material properties that include tunable semiconducting attributes, strength, flexibility and thermal conductivity, COnovate will target other production applications, such as sensors, displays, sports equipment, light weighting parts, water filtration, and additives for paints and other products. For now, usage as a battery material enables funding to establish the capability to deliver commercial volumes of GmO. Once established and with the demonstration of the capability of the material for batteries, the Company will be well-positioned to address these other opportunities.

Contact Person

Carol Hirschmugl

Carol is a co-inventor of the core COnovate Technology and leads the start up activities. She has extensive expertise in condensed matter physics, has garnered over $5M in external funding. Marija is also a co-inventor of the core COnovate Technology and leads the R&D efforts. She has extensive expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology and is a Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America.