Company Description

"The solar industry is under immense pressure to reduce the cost of solar power. One way to do this is to make solar panels more efficient. However, efficiency gains are getting harder to come by. BlueDot solves this problem by helping current solar panels capture energy that is wasted today.

We do this by creating an enhanced solar glass that can increase the power output of a panel by up to 16%, lowering the cost of solar power by 10%. We take standard solar glass used today and coat the inside of it with a proprietary, light conversion material. This material selectively absorbs UV and blue light. It then converts this light into twice as much infrared light. One photon in, two photons out. More photons equals more power.

Our enhanced solar glass is a drop-in replacement in the existing panel assembly process. The solar panel manufacturers swaps out the current glass for our enhanced version. They can then sell the enhanced panels at a premium or compete more effectively on a cost basis.

We monetize our innovation through a licensing and service model. We will license the rights to sell our product to glass manufacturers who will do the coating process at their facilities. BlueDot personnel will support the coating process, and we will provide the raw materials. In return, we receive a license fee of $3/panel. The glass manufacturer then sells the enhanced glass for a premium. "

Contact Person

Jared Silvia is currently CEO and President of BlueDot Photonics, a Seattle-based company working to commercialize next-generation solar technologies. He is responsible for overall operations and business development activities for BlueDot. Jared joined BlueDot after working in the cleantech sector for Doosan GridTech. While at Doosan, Jared oversaw overall business and product strategy development and helped the newly formed company commercialize solutions for integrating distributed energy resources into the electric grid. Prior to Doosan, Jared worked at McKinsey and Co. where he served companies in the energy and materials sectors on strategy and operation topics. Jared has a PhD in Chemistry from MIT (’11) where his thesis focused on carbon dioxide conversion schemes. Jared earned an MPhil in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge as a Churchill Scholar and is a graduate of the University of Washington where he earned a BS in Chemistry and a BS in Biochemistry.