Company Description

Our company invented a patented process to generate superoxide radical (O2 with an extra electron) in a liquid phase. Our in-situ environment is able to stabilize the presence of this molecule for 15-60 minutes in a liquid phase which is an additional major achievement. We are utilizing the presence of this superoxide to purify toxic air that we pass through the liquid to be oxidized. We are currently pursuing products and product licences in: 1) Indoor Air Purifiers for Carbon conversion to Oxygen and virus elimination as well as 2) Industrial Carbon Capture for a Zero Carbon world

Contact Person

Jared Goldfarb
Head of Business Development

Jared Goldfarb is the Head of Business Development for Airovation Technologies. After beginning his career in the financial services industry, Jared moved from ESG investing to the ESG movement itself. Currently, Jared builds the strategic relationships with leading industrial and home appliance companies such as 3M, Honeywell and LG Electronics.