Company Description

3E Nano has invented a new earth-friendly nanotechnology solar energy control window coating for polymer substrates. New premium solar control products can be made from these highly transparent coatings and enable existing lightweight polymer substrates to be deployed in the window and window retrofit markets to address too much heat entering buildings and homes. Our impact is 1 GT of GHG reductions by 2050.

Contact Person

Steve Ferrero
Corporate and Business Development

Steve Ferrero is a member of the Leadership Team of 3E Nano and has 34 years of polymer experience. He has held various R&D, application, manufacturing, sales, marketing, pricing, and businessand technologydevelopmentpositions. He,along with the four co-founders,are currentlycommercializing 3E Nano’s solar control and energy control nano-coatingsto be deployed on polymeric substrates to reduce GHG emissionsand save energyviabuilding glazing and façadeapplications.