Company Description

"Fluence Analytics delivers realtime industrial and laboratory analytics solutions for polymer manufacturers. The data generated provides insights into material properties, enabling realtime process optimization and control. This has improved yields, cost, and quality while reducing overall waste. Additionally, the technology enhances novel material development and scale up.

Fluence Analytics’ first industrial application resulted in the customer deriving several million dollars per year in savings. This value proposition allows Fluence Analytics to target several verticals of the polymer industry for initial adoption. There is further opportunity for closed loop process control, data mining, visualization and AI correlation software packages.

Fluence Analytics is a university spin-out that has received over $20M of R&D funding. The Company’s IP portfolio includes 18 issued patents and 35 pending patent applications worldwide. Current investors are Energy Innovation Capital, a premier energy technology venture firm, Diamond Edge Ventures (Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Venture), and JSR Corporate Venture Capital."

Technical Area

  • Polymer production, scale-up, and R&D
  • Process control
  • Realtime measurement and analysis
  • IIoT and smart manufacturing