Company Description

Elke Therapeutics Inc. is a pre-clinical biotech firm offering products that are structurally optimized by Nature.
Mission- Not just treat symptoms but outright cure some disease states & be a small-cap company .
Potent inhibitor candidates (pro-drugs & supplements) selectively target-Solid tumors, COVID -19/Variants Signalling Resistance, High Cholesterol & non-opioid pain management ).
Goals: Capture a % of -billion-dollar markets. PLATFORM: Follows FDA Guidance for Personalized Drugs & Supplements
The Discovery program has a synergy of Natural Product Chemistry & focused AI.
Our stocks have the potential to increase 7X to 10X –There is room for share appreciation.
Hybrid Business Model :Asset Creation/Out-licensing / ,Revenue sharing partnerships . Management has 15 years + experience .
Stephanie Davis MS /Founder:
Research in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, experimental microsurgery , QC Chemist , Adjunct-Biotechnology ,A & P , Biology.
Traction: Interested clients ,MOD -CMOs, negotiating Tech Transfer in US & the EU , NYC lab Space .
We are seeking operational capital ( $300K ) for chemical innovation & to improve the lives of a billion people.

Technical Area

Research explores Natural Product /Semi-Synthetic Chemistry Space . Strategies include focused Fragment Chemistry to help prioritize hits for expansion

Contact Information

Stephanie Davis MS